Woodland Watch – Week 26 – 11/09/2013

Wow, where does the time go? Seriously, I missed a couple of weeks of woodland watch as work went absolutely crazy on us and next thing you know its autumn. How on earth did that happen?!

Well, I suppose I should start with wishing you a happy autumn! We hope you had a lovely summer and are looking forward to the changing seasons!

I love the autumn. I’m not a fan of being cold and autumn generally stays just about warm enough for me. You get some of the lovely late summer weather with some beautiful September days (hense my decision to get married in early September 2012!), but you start to get the crisp mornings and autumn evenings as well. There’s just nothing quite like sitting around a campfire cooking sausages on an autumn evening.

Enjoying an autumnal evening around a campfire with friends!

Enjoying an autumnal evening around a campfire with friends!

Anyway, enough reminiscing about autumns past! Lets take a look at our woodland and see what has been going on. Due to one thing or another it has been a few weeks since I last visited and this week it was both exciting to see the leaves starting to change colour and a little sad to be saying goodbye to summer!

I’m afraid we’re a little low on pictures this week due to the trusty iphone battery being dead as a doornail during my visit, but i’ll be sure to take some next week!

Most enjoyable for me on this wander through the woodland was emerging out into the meadow on the southern boundary and feasting on the blackberries in the hedgerow! Many of them are not ripe yet, promising a great harvest later on in the season, but there were plenty to keep me occupied foraging for a while.

blackberries-04 Just along the boundary hedge with the woodland there was also a lovely apple tree, bursting with fruit. The apples were still very sharp and i’m afraid the one I took a bite out of ended up being thrown back for the birds and animals, but given a bit of time to ripen they’ll go nicely with the blackberries.

So, sorry to focus on food again! I really do have a one track mind! But here’s a few blackberry and apple recipes I came across in my research:

Here’s a wonderful recipe for Blackberry and Apple Cobbler:


Blackberry and apple cobbler

Blackberry and apple cobbler

I’ll admit I was hooked at the mention of a scone topping so definitely looking forward to trying this one out!

Or for a savoury option, how about this blackberry and apple chutney? Perfect with ham and cheese for a real hobbit lunch/dinner!


Blackberry and apple chutney

Blackberry and apple chutney

So, on that note, we’ll leave it for this week. Next week we’ll take a more detailed walk through the woods and see how its changing as we move into autumn. It doesn’t seem like any time at all since I was walking through in the snow and the frost, I can’t believe we’re heading towards the first frosts of autumn soon!

Enjoy your own walks in the woods and don’t forget to look out for the fungi which will start to emerge soon!

See you next week and enjoy blackberrying!



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